10 Qs In Crypto: Ari Paul

Ari Paul, CIO & co-founder of BlockTower Capital, is a well-known investor in the cryptocurrency space. With this interview, he kicks off the inaugural edition of '10 Questions in Crypto', where I ask the most influential names in blockchain and cryptocurrency to unpack their ideas about the space using the 10Qs in Crypto Questionnaire. (Answers have been condensed and edited for brevity and clarity.)

6 December 2018Interview

TOP-100 influential cryptoexperts

Nicolas Cary

Nicolas Cary

As the President and Co-Founder of Blockchain.com, Cary travels the world to connect with the bitcoin community and be an evangelist for the story of Blockchain. As an active philanthropist, Cary executed the world's first University donation in Bitcoin. Cary is also an active investor in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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