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    Interviews from the first persons: about Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, ICO and other cryptocurrencies

    Aviya Arika: Crypto and blockchain will become mature industries only if entrepreneurs act maturely

    Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are just at the beginning but the future will see a lot more from these two technologies. As BR’s MindChain event is fast approaching, we talked to Aviya Arika, Chief of Blockchain and Head of Strategic Initiatives at Aviya Innovative Law and a member of the Israeli Blockchain Association, in order to find out more about the future of blockchain and cryptocoins.

    Maxine Ryan Interview: How Bitspark is Disrupting the Remittance Industry

    The world’s first cash-in cash-out remittance platform built on the revolutionary blockchain technology, Bitspark is truly disrupting the US$700 billion remittance industry. For too long, the industry is being played and manipulated by banks and other money transfer platforms like Western Union and MoneyGram.

    12 February 2019Interview
    Interview: Justin Tabb and the Amplify Exchange

    In 2018, we saw the launch of his company Substratum, a decentralized web that allows users to download the SubstratumNode to circumvent internet censorship and earn cryptocurrency in the form of SUB tokens for routing the network’s requests.

    6 February 2019Interview
    Bitcoin SV in 2019: An Interview with Jimmy Nguyen

    After enabling Bitcoin SV on their algorithmic trading platform last month, the SFOX team was honored to interview Jimmy Nguyen, the CEO of nChain Group, Founding President of bComm Association, and global ambassador for Bitcoin SV.

    24 January 2019Interview
    Interview With Jeffrey Tucker on All Things Crypto

    The multi-faceted Jeffrey Tucker is an American writer who focuses on market freedom, anarcho-capitalism, and cryptotech. He is the author of eight books on economics, politics, and culture, a much-sought after conference speaker, and an Internet entrepreneur. Jeffrey is editorial director and vice president of the venerable American Institute for Economic Research, founded in 1933. His career has focused on building many of the web’s primary portals for commentary and research on liberty, and is undertaking new adventures in publishing today.

    17 January 2019Interview
    Interview: Privacy and Credit Reporting Through Blockchain

    Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his thoughts on privacy and potential laws that would help ensure the protection of personal data. But what if we could solve the privacy issue without the help of the government and without legislation? What if it could be done with blockchain?

    10 January 2019Interview
    Charlie Lee on the Future of Litecoin

    Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is definitely one of the most influential, charismatic, and respected voices in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has been around for a long time, he’s seen many projects get born just to crash and burn during the various market cycles, but through it all LTC has thrived and has maintained relevance as digital silver which helps king Bitcoin scale and improve.

    31 December 2018Interview
    Roger Ver interview: ‘Of course’ i hold more BCH than BTC

    We spoke with Bitcoin Cash advocate and owner of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver, about the BCH ‘hash war,’ his controversial website branding of Bitcoin (BTC) as ‘Bitcoin Core,’ and why he believes Bitcoin developers are “economically illiterate.”

    24 December 2018Interview
    Interview with Jeremias Grenzebach, CEO of Dentacoin; Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry.

    Dentacoin is a blockchain powered decentralized dental platform aimed at leveraging the characteristics and properties of the blockchain to deliver efficient and low-cost global dental solutions. The CEO Jeremias Grenzebach will be discussing the Dentacoin project with us in this interview.

    20 December 2018Interview
    Mike Novogratz Explains Why He’s Still All-In on Crypto

    The former Goldman Sachs partner and hedge fund manager made and lost a fortune on Bitcoin. He’s undeterred by its drop.

    13 December 2018Interview
    10 Qs In Crypto: Ari Paul

    Ari Paul, CIO & co-founder of BlockTower Capital, is a well-known investor in the cryptocurrency space. With this interview, he kicks off the inaugural edition of '10 Questions in Crypto', where I ask the most influential names in blockchain and cryptocurrency to unpack their ideas about the space using the 10Qs in Crypto Questionnaire. (Answers have been condensed and edited for brevity and clarity.)

    6 December 2018Interview
    Edward Snowden Explains Blockchain to His Lawyer – and the Rest of Us

    Over the last five years, Edward Snowden and I have carried on an almost daily conversation, most of it unrelated to his legal troubles. Sometimes we meet in person in Moscow over vodka (me) and milkshakes (him). But our friendship has mostly taken place on secure messaging platforms, a channel that was comfortable and intuitive for him but took some getting used to for me. I learned to type with two thumbs as we discussed politics, law, and literature; family, friends, and foster dogs. Our sensibilities are similar but our worldviews quite different: I sometimes accuse him of technological solutionism; he accuses me of timid incrementalism.

    29 November 2018Interview
    IOTA - Fulfilling the Promise of Blockchain

    In order to understand what sets a project apart from all the others in the DLT space, one must always start from what motivated the creators to come up with such a project in the first place. In the case of IOTA it was the realization that certain problems will prevent the blockchain from fulfilling many of the use-cases which existed (and to an extent still do) only in theory. IOTA is arguably one of the major pioneering projects that took the concept of a DLT and implementing it with a different underlying data structure to solve many of the problems with Blockchain: fees, scaling, and centralization brought about by the need for validators or miners.

    22 November 2018Interview
    Alexis Ohanian thinks the crypto winter will be good for blockchain

    Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian and I first spoke in person in 2016 on the the day Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.We were attending the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal where we recently met again two years later, this time on the day of the midterms. “That really sucked the air out of the room,” he said, reminiscing about the dramatic change in mood at the conference after the results came in.

    15 November 2018Interview
    Johnson Zhao: Security tokens are the new industry trend and NEOs’ area for developing.

    General Manager of Neo Global Development told in his interview to LetKnow.News about the differences between NEO and other cryptocurrencies, “smart economics” and their plans for Ukraine.

    12 November 2018Interview
    Interview with Leeor Groen, Venture Manager, Blockchain Valley Ventures

    The EIT Climate-KIC community comprises a rich diversity of expertise, skills and perspectives across our alumni, start-ups, innovation partners, advisors and associates, all of whom contribute to our innovation capacity.

    8 November 2018Interview
    Huobi Group Interview: VP Livio Weng Talks of the Company’s Ambitions and Upcoming News

    Huobi Group has delved deep into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Not only is Huobi one of the largest exchanges by trading volume but it also has a whole ecosystem of blockchain products and services including a venture capital arm and incubator.

    5 November 2018Interview
    Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire says stablecoin offers secure value in crypto deals

    Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged one-to-one to a stable asset or fiat currency, like the US dollar, and is thus insulated against price fluctuations. A US dollar-pegged stablecoin is always worth US$1 and redeemable at US$1.

    1 November 2018Interview
    eToro CEO: We’ll see greatest transfer of wealth ever onto the blockchain

    With over 10 million users globally, eToro has become a somewhat of a household name. It is also no secret that the company has been a big supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a few years now. Its logo is often seen alongside numerous cryptocurrencies almost everywhere in the UK and elsewhere.

    25 October 2018Interview
    Interview with Michael Gan, CEO and co-founder of the KuCoin Exchange

    Kucoin Exchange is one of the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges to lookout for. With over 170 projects listed on the exchange and over 350 trading pairs within their first year, the CEO Michael Gan, will be telling us in this interview, what the future holds for Kucoin Exchange.

    18 October 2018Interview