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  • Thomson Reuters is Charting Bitcoin Adopters’ Emotions as Data for Traders

    Thomson Reuters has teamed with MarketPsych Data LLC, a provider of quantitative behavioral economics, to launch a new version of its MarketPsych Indices for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

    The new version offers Thomson Reuters’ first sentiment data feed for bitcoin, along with new and/or enhanced market sentiment data for several asset classes, new user capabilities and additional coverage.

    The feed has added more than 400 news and social media sites, many specific to cryptocurrencies. Each site is scanned and scored in real-time to capture market moving themes and sentiments. TRMI v3.0 also expands sentiment coverage of national fixed income securities and stock market indexes for the Eurozone and the top 61 global economies. Currencies, countries and agricultural commodities asset classes have also been expanded.

    Modifications have been deployed in source selection, entity recognition, and other features to provide higher precision of measurements compared to prior versions. Data is delivered minutely, hourly and daily, extending back to 1998.

    “News and social media are driving the investment and risk management process more than ever with the continuing rise of passive and quant-driven trading,” said Austin Burkett, global head, Quant and Feeds, Thomson Reuters. “As the financial marketplace rises in complexity, so too does the need to provide our clients with not only the relevant data, but the tools to help them manage and analyze that data. MarketPsych 3.0 helps deliver another layer of analysis and value-add in the investing process.”