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    The Ten Reasons To Purchase Crypto in 2018

    In recent years, Bitcoin has grown in popularity and most people now know what it is. Many merchants accept it today as a form of payment. However, you might still have doubts as to whether to spend your money buying this crypto asset. Here are the main reasons you need to buy the crypto in 2018.

    Many crypto coins that came after BTC are faced with issues of security and reliability. However, BTC has never had such issues. The last time its network was down was in 2013. In just a few hours, the issue was fixed. Since then, there has never been an issue.

    In 2017, BTC was worth almost 20,000 USD at some point. However, a correction happened a few months later and the price dipped by 70%. The crypto is currently in a cycle of surges and dips, which will offer great opportunities to buy.


    One major improvement that has occurred to BTC is the lightning network. This makes it possible for people to send BTC with low fees. However, there are no third parties involved in the transaction. In lightning, users create a payment channel and route the payments via the challenges. Thus far, BTC has 2700 nodes and 9000 channels. They have a capacity of 63 BTC.

    In 2017, BTC went somewhat mainstream. Even large investors started investing in it. It was the first coin and is the easiest to recognize. Thus, you will have many more places where you can use the coin.

    BTC-based securities are currently in the works. Some nations have even managed to finalize laws and they work smoothly. This will course major institutional investors to join in and lead the way in mass adoption.

    The world has never really recovered from the global financial crisis of 2008. Various issues that caused the meltdown still exist and they have effects on the economy. For instance, weak national currencies are causing people to invest their money in BTC. The worse things get, the more people will be drawn to BTC.

    There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins. Thus far, about 20% of BTC coins have not been mined. Up to now, there is a restriction on producing more coins until 2040. Thus, this limited supply will raise the price.

    BTC, like gold, will never be devalued. Thus, your investment cannot lose value due to the decision of a few people.

    Thus far, BTC is getting improvements to ensure that its privacy is improved. This will make it more attractive to those who love privacy.

    BTC price has gone through various cycles. While most are not sure whether this bear market will last, it is quite clear that when it ends, the price might surge upwards.