TOP-6 new crypto-exchanges

TOP-6 new crypto-exchanges

There are dozens of platforms on the cryptomarket that offer users the opportunity to trade digital assets. There are top crypto-exchanges which have already made a name for themselves. But there are promising newcomers that also are of interest. What are the differences between these crypto-exchanges and “veterans”, what assets are traded there, and what are the benefits for their clients?

Binance is young and successful trading platform. In less then a year this exchange managed to gain absolute leadership on the market. Cryptoplatform demonstrates the largest trade volumes, while listing new assets and offering additional services to users due to the constant developing.

Binance has its own cryptocurrency, which is in the TOP-20 largest digital assets by market cap.

If you want to register on the crypto-exchange, you need to specify your e-mail address and come up with a password. Account verification comprises three levels. It is sufficient to specify full postal address to pass the first level – and the user will get the opportunity to deposit and withdraw funds, equivalent to 2 BTC.

You can make a deposit on Binance in any available currency (there are 125 at the moment, but the list is constantly changing). Crypto-exchange doesn’t support fiat money.

More then 300 currency pairs are available for trading on Binance. The fee, one of the lowest on the market, is 0,1% of the transaction amount.

Binance – one of the most technologically advanced crypto-exchanges. Despite the huge number of users, the order processing mechanisms handle with the current volumes and have the potential. Tech support responds promptly to users’ requests, and it’s difficult to find constructive complaints about it on the Internet.  

Establishment work on the crypto-exchange BITEXBOOK started in 2017, and in January 2018 it entered a public beta-testing phase; more recently it started working in combat mode. This exchange wants to be one of the first companies with legal status to become a resident of the HTP in theRepublicofBelarus.

One of its’ key advantages is the instant deposit in fiat money from Visa and MasterCard without person verification. It is worth noting that the crypto-exchange doesn’t have restrictions on deposits and withdrawals as well as the need in person verification, if you work with cryptocurrency.

At the same time, withdrawal occurs within 60 minutes.

The exchange is quite safe because it has 5 protection levels for users' accounts and does not concede to the worlds' exchanges.

Operative and competent support service which work is great.

Now the exchange works in two languages: RU and EN, but the number of languages will soon increase.

The exchange works with following tokens: BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, BCN, BTG, DASH and the exchange plans to add TOP-50 currencies by the end of summer, - according to CoinMarketCap.

While the flow of funds on the exchange is not large, BITEXBOOK will get its’ customers due to its’ benefits.

Crypto-exchange GATE IO ranks ninth in terms of daily trading volume – not bad for the project that has started a year ago. The trade platform offers pair with more than 150 cryptocurrencies. GATE IO does not support fiat money.

When registering you need to come up with a login and password, specify an e-mail address, and also come up with a separate password for cryptowallet. It is necessary to send copies of personal documents to a designed supports’ address for verification.

You can top up your account in any available cryptocurrency. The minimum amount of topping up is equivalent to 0.0001 BTC.

Transactions with traders are charged with the fee which is 0,2% of the transaction amount. Withdrawal fee depends on the specific cryptocurrency: for example, withdrawal fee for bitcoins is 0,001 BTC, for Tether – 15 USDT. There is no fee for topping up your account.

GATE IO is not very popular among Russian users, so the reviews about its' work are mainly in English. Services' customers note limited functionality of the trade platform, which is understandable, given its “youth”. There are no noted beef with support service.

Crypto-exchange WEX is formally considered as one of the youngest cryptoplatforms, but in fact it is the successor of BTC-e – one of the largest worlds’ crypto-exchanges, which was closed in 2017. In particular, WEX inherited BTC-es’ trading platform interface, information about customers and some debt obligations.

The WEX cryptocurrency exchange supports fiat money, in particular, the US dollar, euro and Russian ruble.

You must specify your e-mail address on the web-site to register on the crypto-exchange. The password will be generated by service and sent to the designed address. It is recommended to change it in the future. The verification on the trading platform is not necessary, but you won’t be able to make transaction with fiat money without it.

You can top up the account in three fiat currencies, or in dozens digital ones. There is no deposit commission (except for international wire transfer in dollars and SEPA in euros). Withdrawal fees roughly equal to the market average: 0,001 BTC, 0,001 ETH, etc. But fiat money withdrawals are relatively cheap: for example, withdrawing rubles to Yandex.Money will cost only 3% of the amount. The withdrawal of dollars to ADVCash is completely free.

Also you can deposit/withdraw funds using WEX-code tool, after buying it through the bestchange service.

In general, users are satisfied with new version of BTC-e. There are no complaints about technical support work either.

EtherDELTA is not typical crypto-exchange. First of all, only tokens created on the Ethereum platform (ERC20 format) are available for trading here. Secondly, this platform is a cross between classic crypto-exchange and an exchanger.

No registration is required to start working on EtherDELTA. However, it is required to bind cryptowallet (for example, MyEtherWallet or Ledger Wallet) to the trading platform in order to operate with a specific token.

There are no restrictions on the deposit/withdraw funds or trading operation volumes on the crypto-exchange – these figures are dictated only by liquidity.

Transactions are made through the smart-contracts. An open smart-contract is created for every order; a user, who is ready to buy or sell cryptocurrency, automatically becomes the second party in the contract. After the exchange, tokens are sent to the designed cryptowallets of both traders.

Users can add to the crypto-exchanges’ listing any tokes of the appropriate format and trade with them.

BigONE exchange was open in the summer of 2017. There are dozens of cryptocurrencies are traded on the crypto-exchange, which are forming 132 pairs. Crypto-exchange also supports fiat money.

It is required to specify an e-mail address and come up with a password in order to register on the crypto-currency exchange. Verification consists of 7 steps, starting with the indication with the full name and ending with providing the passport scans and portrait photo.

You can top up the account with any currency listed on the crypto-exchange. There is no deposit fee, and withdrawal fee depends on a specific asset. For example, withdrawal fee for bitcoin is 0,002 BTC, for Ether – 0,01 ETH.

The trade fee is 0,1%.

The trading platform support service operate in 24/7 mode; in order to contact support you need to feel in the form on the web-site.

There is no referral program on BigONE.